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Everest Premium CVT Fluid (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid) is specially formulated with a highly advanced additive package to meet the performance requirements of a variety of vehicles equipped with metal belt-type Continuously Variable Transmissions including Mini, Nissan and Subaru. Everest CVT Transmission Fluid has enhanced critical frictional characteristics that provide outstanding metal-to-metal frictional properties and a longer service life with improved high and low temperature protection. Everest CVT Transmission Fluid provides smooth shifting, a high level of both torque capacity and outstanding anti-shudder performance for enhanced driving comfort.

Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid is designed for today’s technologically advanced variable transmissions. Full synthetic CVT Fluid has very good resistance to shear which allows the lubricant to be kept in service to optimize power transmission. Formulated on the synthetic base oils and carefully selected additives, this fluid has excellent resistance to oxidation, giving it long service life. The frictional properties of a fluid ensure its use in CVT belts, pulleys or chain drive providing excellent resistance to shudder. Reinforced additives provide high-performance anti-wear protection. Designed with full-synthetic, premium base oils, long-life friction modifiers, unique anti-wear additives and shear stable viscosity modifiers that help prevent oil film breakdown, CVT Transmission Fluid is especially suitable for most CVT gearboxes of American, Asian and European manufacturers. Not to be used for DCT applications.

Additional Everest Premium CVT Fluid (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid) benefits include:

Full synthetic protects against wear;
Excellent metal-to-metal protection and anti-shudder performance;
More shear stable than typical ATFs;
Excellent torque transfer and superior wet clutch performance.

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