About Us

Maxtacoautoparts.com is an online Catalogue for Genuine OEM and Aftermarket Auto Parts, it was born out of the need to Centralized Genuine Auto Parts inventory across the nation so that all vehicle owners and Mechanics will have access to a Genuine Parts for their Vehicles without hassle, Our products are carefully selected from Vehicles and Products Manufacture’s Manuals. When it comes to our products we outsource from reliable, credible and quality concern organizations in and around the world.

Our Three main Goals are:
To Liberate information hidden behind the Genuine Auto Parts store counter (by listing all available items and product specifications on maxtacoautoparts.com, not just what one store stocks or one counter-person knows)

  • To Make Genuine Auto Parts Accessible and affordable to Car Owners and Mechanics (by remaining a strictly online company.
  • To Make Auto Parts accessible to all Vehicle users no matter their location around the Country, Today we sell our Products to customers around all the regions of Ghana.