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`For the greatest engine performance!
Fully synthetic low-viscosity motor oil. Fast cold start properties. Keeps oil consumption low. Prevents build-up of harmful deposits. Excellent dirt-suspending and cleaning properties keep the engine optimally clean.


Fully synthetic super energy-conserving viscosity. Promotes rapid oil delivery in the engine. Optimum engine lubrication from the first turn of the engine and significantly less wear. For gasoline and Diesel engines. Specially suitable for high-tech engines. Year-round oil for very long periods between oil changes. Learn More

Approvals: ACEA A3/B4, API SNRecommendations: BMW Longlife-98, Ford WSS-M2C 937-A, MB 229.3, Porsche A40, VW 502 00/505 00 Show more

    • outstanding engine cleanliness
    • low evaporation loss
    • highest fuel economy
    • high lubrication reliability
    • high wear resistance
  • optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions
  • instant lubrication after cold start
  • ideal with turbochargers and catalytic converters
  • outstanding high temperature stability

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