Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is new technology, for a more powerful and more robust stand-alone Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid. As manufacturers began introducing the CVT into larger and more powerful vehicles; and as newer, more challenging CVT transmissions have been introduced into the marketplace, it became apparent that Amalie Oil Company had to take the bull by the horns and develop new, world-class CVT fluids that would meet all global CVT applications. The new Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is just such a product. It has been engineered to provide “Stay-In-Grade” viscosity, excellent oxidation stability, anti-wear and extreme pressure protection. Coupled with great new and improved seal-swell protection as well as superior wet clutch performance, this new technology gives the fluid wonderfully improved anti-shudder durability when compared with other CVT fluids. Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid is designed for the new CVT transmissions, whether chain or belt, that need a fluid that protects against metal-to-metal wear that leads to belt or chain deterioration. This new CVT fluid is engineered to offer the highest level of protection against metal-to-metal wear. Actual side-by-side tests prove that Amalie’s new fluid technology out performs OEM CVT fluids and allows Amalie to claim better protection against scuffing than many of these OEM fluids. Better anti-shudder performance and better anti-scuffing performance lead to longer life for transmissions, and quieter, more vibrationfree operation. Like its big brother, Amalie Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, the new Amalie Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid takes the guesswork out of which CVT fluid to use in any CVT application; it is the most universal CVT fluid on earth and may be used in more applications than any other CVT fluid – one single fluid with superior technology for all CVT applications.


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